Archive: January 2008

A Little More Perspective (January 23, 2008)

Putting how much we’ve spent on war in five years into context

Ron Paul: God’s Gift to Comedy (January 23, 2008)

He’s the gift that keeps on giving

Buckle Up (January 22, 2008)

Is the bottom about to fall out?

Theatrum Orbis Terrarum for Europa Universalis 3 (January 20, 2008)

Mod rescues an epic strategy game by fixing its biggest flaw: its ugly graphics

More Tough Investigative Journalism from the Huffington Post (January 17, 2008)


Holy Crap (January 16, 2008)

Sun buys MySQL for $800 million

Does Somebody From Sony Read This Blog? (January 10, 2008)

Sony makes a 180, announces full catalog to be available DRM free via Amazon within a month

What Makes A “Crazy Aunt”? One Guess (January 10, 2008)

Just ask Rudy!

Two Upsets in One Week! (January 8, 2008)

All right! We’ve actually got a contest on our hands

It’s Like They Are Trying to Sell LESS Music (January 7, 2008)

Sony BMG says sure, you can have DRM-free downloads. But you better be willing to WORK for them, buster!

Things I Am Unreasonably Excited About (January 3, 2008)

“There Will Be Blood”, for one