Archive: June 2009

On Dreams and Dreamers (June 30, 2009)

By T.E. Lawrence

I’m Guessing This Is Why Vista Flopped (June 29, 2009)

Microsoft sweats the details

Things I Learned the Hard Way, This Weekend Edition (June 29, 2009)

Further adventures in oops-ery

Hunch’d (June 15, 2009)

… or, how a simple user interface decision can make or break your first impression of a new site

This Blog Voted for Creigh Deeds for Governor This Morning (June 9, 2009)

And in this post I provide a detailed, thoroughly articulated reason why

Mount & Blade Expansion Coming, Adds 64-Person Multiplayer (June 5, 2009)

Expansion will add 64-player online multiplayer to already outstanding game