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A Simple Test (October 24, 2007)

… to detect simple minds

“He Should Have an AK” (October 9, 2007)

… says one of the original designers of the M-16

OK, This Is New (August 23, 2007)

Active duty NCOs taking their doubts about the war to the New York Times, that is

The Most Dangerous Weapon of Mass Destruction (August 15, 2007)

And no, it’s not the nuke

If Something Happens (August 8, 2007)

A request

Shorter Bill O’Reilly (April 4, 2007)

Cutting to the chase

Homebrew Air Force in Sri Lanka (March 27, 2007)

The Tamil Tiger rebel group in Sri Lanka appears to have invented the world’s first guerrilla air force: A Tamil Tiger light aircraft bombed a Sri Lankan air force base next to Colombo international airport before dawn on Monday, killing three airmen and wounding 16 in the first such air strike by the rebel group. […]

The Coming War With Iran (February 1, 2007)

In the distance, you can hear the drums beating already

“Regional Nuclear War” Could Be Not So Regional After All (January 29, 2007)

New study indicates that even a small nuclear exchange could dramatically cool the Earth

The Hidden Danger of Escalation (January 14, 2007)

What’s the worst that could happen? Find out

The End of Key West? (December 12, 2006)

Could be

That Was Fast (October 10, 2006)

An army of… two?

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (September 13, 2006)

… and now we have proof

Five Years On (September 11, 2006)

… from 9/11

Air Marshals Can (Finally) Be More Frank Serpico and Less Joe Friday (August 28, 2006)

Air Marshals Service finally relaxes ridiculous dress code

UK Stops Airliner Bomb Plot (August 10, 2006)

And it’s apparently a big one

Israel, Lebanon, Hezbollah, and 4GW (July 19, 2006)

Or, how to make sense of the nonsensical

The Nuclear Option (April 8, 2006)

If you thought the Administration had completely exhausted their supply of monumentally bad ideas, Seymour Hersh’s latest report in the New Yorker will set you straight. The first few paragraphs don’t say anything you probably don’t already know. But then, about a third of the way in, it starts getting shocking. Last month, in a […]

Brace Yourself (February 16, 2006)

Bad moon rising

Prominent al Qaeda Terrorist Escapes Yemeni Prison (February 6, 2006)

Good work, Yemen: Interpol has issued “an urgent global security alert” after 23 “dangerous individuals” — including a man identified as the mastermind of the attack on the USS Cole in 2000 — escaped from a Yemeni prison. The international crime-fighting organization said Sunday at least 13 of the 23 who escaped Friday were “convicted […]

Bush to McCain and Congress: Blow Me (January 8, 2006)

On torture, that is

Where Is America? (December 22, 2005)

By now you’ve probably heard that President Bush authorized the use of the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on American citizens, despite laws clearly prohibiting that.  Not to mention its obvious contravention of the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. The President justified it thus: To fight the war on terror, I am using authority vested […]

Al Qaeda Strikes in Amman (November 10, 2005)

al Zarqawi attacks a neighbor

“Open Source War” (November 8, 2005)

Rage in the banlieues

Terror Returns to An Old Target (October 1, 2005)

Indonesia is hit again