Archive: February 2005

RIP: Jef Raskin (February 27, 2005)

A computing pioneer passes on

Meet Stan (February 27, 2005)

He’s multitalented!

On Glamour (February 26, 2005)

By Hedy Lamarr

Firefox 1.0.1 (February 24, 2005)

Latest and greatest

You Learn Something New Every Day (February 24, 2005)

Or at least, I do

Smile! (February 23, 2005)

Doesn’t my friend Rachael have a pretty smile?

Kottke, Sticking It to the Man (February 22, 2005)

Diving head first into the deep end

Bill Hicks Concert on XM This Friday (February 22, 2005)


Not With a Whimper (February 21, 2005)

Doctor Raoul Duke (aka Hunter S. Thompson) leaves this two-bit dimension behind for good

My New Phone (February 18, 2005)

… is pretty f#@!ing cool

Courage Under Fire (February 16, 2005)

The story of Marine Sgt. Brad Kasal

Woo-hoo! (February 12, 2005)

It’s official: Howard Dean is the new chair of the DNC

Escalation (February 10, 2005)

North Korea is da bomb. No, wait. Make that North Korea *has* The Bomb

Any Landing You Can Walk Away From (February 9, 2005)

… is a good landing. Right?

Google Launches Map Service (February 8, 2005)

And its interface is dead cool

Fixing PalmOne’s Product Line (February 7, 2005)

Let’s look at one way to improve PalmOne’s sales story

PalmOne, We Hardly Knew Ye (February 7, 2005)

A once-great company stumbling towards irrelevance

HOWTO: Add Live Bookmarks Support to Your Site (February 7, 2005)

It’s easier than you probably think

Sprint: Bastard Whoremongers From Hell (February 4, 2005)

I call ’em like I see ’em

Fun With Spam: So Much for the “Must-Not-Be-Named” Thing (February 3, 2005)

I guess it was good while it lasted

Advance Transcript of the President’s State of the Union Address (February 2, 2005)

Tomorrow’s news, today

Arrr! Puzzle Pirates Hits the Big Time (February 2, 2005)

Indie game to hit the big time

All the Strategy You Can Handle (February 1, 2005)

For less money than you think