Archive: January 2007

JWM Turns Five (January 30, 2007)

Happy birthdaaaaay to me! Or to my blog, anyway

Add Instant Translation Into Firefox (January 30, 2007)

It’s easy, and free

Be Careful What You Promise (January 30, 2007)

A cautionary tale

“Regional Nuclear War” Could Be Not So Regional After All (January 29, 2007)

New study indicates that even a small nuclear exchange could dramatically cool the Earth

Some Things Are Worth Getting Rained On For (January 23, 2007)

… and tonight I found another of them

“Get Over It” (January 23, 2007)

State legislator opens mouth, inserts entire foot and most of leg

Easier TypoScript Editing (January 22, 2007)

Use your favorite editor to work with your TypoScript

Once More, With (No) Feeling (January 21, 2007)

John McCain goes through the motions

One Nice Thing (January 19, 2007)

I am easy to please, it turns out

The Definition of “Bad Timing” (January 15, 2007)

Now I know!

The Hidden Danger of Escalation (January 14, 2007)

What’s the worst that could happen? Find out

“Surge”: A Bad Idea By Any Name (January 10, 2007)

Put up or shut up, Mr. President

Open the Windows (January 6, 2007)

The high temperature in my neighborhood today: 74 degrees. On January 6.  WTF?