Archive: February 2007

How To Get a Free Credit Report That’s Actually Free (February 28, 2007)

Turns out you can’t believe advertisements. Go figure

Things I Learned the Hard Way, Volume XXXVI (February 22, 2007)

I learn, so you don’t have to

At Microsoft, We Listen To Our Customers! Eventually (February 22, 2007)

Though it does take a while, mind

HOWTO: Fix Audio CD Playback in KDE Apps (February 16, 2007)

Just in case you ever need to know

Why I Can’t Take Digg Seriously (February 15, 2007)

This sums up pretty well why I have trouble taking Digg seriously as a news site: Only two of the Top 10 stories for today are anything I would actually call “news” (the one about the teacher getting fired because of pop-ups, and the one about Wikipedia) — and even those are pretty juvenile. Digg […]

This Thursday, Be a Dodo! (February 13, 2007)

If you’re in DC, here’s your chance

HOWTO: Pretty Up Firefox/Thunderbird UI Fonts (February 12, 2007)

Use your CSS skillz to customize your browser

Finally, An Airline That Understands Service! (February 12, 2007)

And US Airways may be glad of that

Sunday Morning Talk Shows: Fire Hoses of Bullshit (February 11, 2007)

And they’re pointed right at YOU! DUCK!

Oh Noe! (February 5, 2007)

A typoe!

The Coming War With Iran (February 1, 2007)

In the distance, you can hear the drums beating already

The Innocent Shall Suffer… BIG TIME (February 1, 2007)

Mooninites, assemble!