Archive: June 2012

The image that illustrates the White House’s communication failure on health reform (June 28, 2012)

I saw something today that brought back all the frustration I felt watching progressive leaders cede the field to Tea Party wingnuts back in 2009 and 2010. Let’s look at an example of how not to do advocacy communications

Jason recommends: World of Tanks (June 26, 2012)

World of Tanks is a “free-to-play” game that’s good enough to pay for

And then they lynched the man who made the world (June 23, 2012)

Alan Turing was a mathematical genius, a key figure in the Allied victory in World War II, and a man whose life was cut tragically short by bigotry

Against live-tweeting (June 7, 2012)

If you’re in the audience at a conference session, do a favor for both yourself and whoever’s presenting to you and put away your damn gadgets