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You Think You’re Having a Bad Day? (May 30, 2003)

I bet yours was better than Vincent Gallo’s… 🙂

Mozilla 1.4 RC1 Released (May 30, 2003)

Those of you who haven’t made the switch to Mozilla Firebird yet should know that Mozilla Suite 1.4 Release Candidate 1 was unleashed on the world today. Lots of improvements — especially if you’re using a version older than 1.3 (junk mail filtering 0wnZ spam!).

So Does Microsoft At Least Pay For the Kneepads? (May 30, 2003)

Browser god Ian Hickson has written up everything you need to know about yesterday’s settlement between Microsoft and AOL of AOL’s 2002 antitrust complaint. (sigh) I hope this doesn’t mean AOL’s going to drop or neuter… Mozilla Firebird rocks pretty hard, and it completely slaughters the anemic Internet Explorer (where’s the tabbed browsing? CSS […]

Who… Is the Man In the Suuuuit??? (May 30, 2003)

Salon has a great article on one of the hilariously bent shows on Cartoon Network‘s Adult Swim block of programming — “Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law“, which re-casts 60s minor-league cartoon superhero Birdman as a half-competent attorney handling the legal problems of Fred Flintstone (who’s a Mob boss, the “Dabba Don”), Boo-Boo Bear (the “Unabooboo”), […]

Free Your Mind (May 29, 2003)

I took the “What Matrix Persona Are You?” test, and apparently, I am Morpheus: You are Morpheus, from “The Matrix.” Youhave strong faith in yourself and those aroundyou. A true leader, you are relentless in yourpersuit. What Matrix Persona Are You? brought to you by Quizilla Interesting. When I was a senior in college I […]

Hitchens on Blumenthal (May 29, 2003)

Christopher Hitchens has a great review of former Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal‘s new book, The Clinton Wars, in The Atlantic. It’s especially interesting given the history between Hitchens and Blumenthal, who were once friends until Hitchens chose to testify to Ken Starr’s impeachment inquiry that Blumenthal had testified falsely in a sworn deposition to that […]

Long Time Coming (May 28, 2003)

This is interesting — there’s a movement afoot in New York state to pardon Lenny Bruce, the controversial comedian who was hounded by the authorities for “obscenity” until he died of a drug overdose in 1966. Bruce has always been one of my personal heroes. He was a troubled soul, to be certain, and his […]

Welcome to the No-Spin Zone (May 27, 2003)

David Brake points to an amazing transcript of a recent interview on Fox’s “O’Reilly Factor” between anchor-slash-blowhard Bill O’Reilly and Jeremy Glick, whose father died in the 9-11 attacks and who signed an ad opposing the war in Iraq. (Note that the transcript is hosted by a liberal news site, so its veracity may be […]

Desert Combat: Lost Village (May 26, 2003)

The latest update (version .35) to the outstanding Battlefield 1942 mod “Desert Combat” adds a sweetener that’s practically addictive: a new map called “Lost Village”. Lost Village addresses the greatest problem with DC to date: how to address the overwhelming advantage in force the “Coalition” (aka Americans) has over the “Opposition” (aka Iraqis). LV’s solution […]

Who Will Stop the Spam? (May 23, 2003)

Over at Slate, there’s a good piece by Steven Waldman about the political rewards waiting to be claimed by the first Presidential candidate with a plan to stop spam. I think he’s spot on in this. There is no more important application on the Internet than e-mail. Period. If all we had gotten out of […]

Next! (May 23, 2003)

Given that the “Bush Doctrine” says that we will combat terrorism by unilaterally attacking any state that harbors terrorists or sponsors their activities — does this mean that we’ve got another war coming?

Ack Pffffth (May 22, 2003)

Look, if your PDA happens to have a digital camera built into it, there’s no need to bring it by my desk. Really. Not necessary. See? Was that really necessary?

TypePad Launches (May 22, 2003)

SixApart, the folks behind the terrific Movable Type weblog software (the package that runs this site), have just made their public launch of TypePad, their new hosted service. TypePad is a sort of Movable Type Plus — all the creamy goodness of Movable Type, with some extra features, and minus the need to manage a […]

Can They Get You An Imagination? (May 21, 2003)

Finally, the service for the man who has more money than creativity (admittedly a significant percentage of us): (motto: “Give Some. Get Some”) ships you a frou-frou gift every other month that you can wrap up and give to the special woman in your life, so that she’ll think you took the time to […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Read (May 20, 2003)

I saw The Matrix Reloaded this weekend — and, despite what you may have heard from some misguided people, it rocks. It’s a worthy successor to the original that provides eye-splitting visuals and new twists on the story. Definitely worth your time.

Lucky Bastard (May 20, 2003)

Looks like Elvis Costello got himself engaged to Diana Krall. In case you don’t know who Diana Krall is: And here’s the lucky groom: Don’t get me wrong, I love Elvis Costello’s music, but… I mean… LOOK AT THEM for pete’s sake. She’s an 11, and he’s, what, a 2? Well played, Costello. Well played.

Have You Seen My Book of Virtues? (May 19, 2003)

Sweet! A new episode of “Get Your War On” is up, entitled “Have You Seen My Book of Virtues?“

eBay Buys Frequent Flyer Miles (May 19, 2003)

Anything Points is a new program from eBay that will let you convert frequent flyer miles into “points” that you can then use as credit to purchase items through the auction service. What a freaking great idea! I’ve got a bundle of US Airways miles stored away — but not enough to actually go anywhere […]

Firebird Observations (May 19, 2003)

Couple of random observations following my previous post about the launch of Mozilla Firebird 0.6… First, Asa Dotzler, one of the Browser Gods from, was kind enough to include me in his roundup of what people are saying about Firebird. Thanks, Asa! Second, I had an interesting conversation with a friend this weekend about […]

Mozilla Firebird 0.6 Released (May 17, 2003) has just released the newest version of their browser-only offering, Mozilla Firebird 0.6. If you haven’t tried Firebird yet (or, God forbid, if you’re still on IE), go now and download it! It’s got all the goodness of Mozilla, without all the bloat — Firebird leaves out the mail reader, IRC client, etc. that […]

Like Learning to Ride a Bike (May 16, 2003)

The always-provocative Philip Greenspun has an interesting idea on how to motivate kids to pay attention in their math and science classes: instead of teaching these subjects in the abstract, make them concrete by having students use their last four years of school to build a functioning bicycle.

Creating a Monster (May 16, 2003)

Gary Hart has a good piece up on what happens to republics when they start to behave like empires.

Texas Dems Win! (May 16, 2003)

Big news from Texas — the Democratic state legislators who walked out when the Republican majority tried to force legislative districts to be redrawn in the GOP’s favor have returned to Austin victorious. State House Speaker Tom Craddick promised them that, if they returned and restored a quorum, the redistricting issue would be dropped for […]

Clevercactus Hits Public Beta (May 16, 2003)

Looks like Diego Doval has finally taken the wraps off the public beta of his Java-based PIM client, clevercactus. It’s come a loooong way in a very short period of time. Of particular interest is the snappiness of the interface, which provides a serious challenge to the old saw that you can’t write client apps […]

Where Would You Like to Be in Five Years, Son? (May 15, 2003)

Dubya’s Resume We can only hope this means he’ll be looking for work in two years :-/