Archive: October 2003

Google.NET? (October 31, 2003)

Microsoft moves on Google

Life Imitates Art (October 31, 2003)

Random funny story time

Into the Tunnels (October 29, 2003)

Another guerrilla war, another time

Sexie (October 29, 2003)

Cake or death?

Now They’re Not Even Trying (October 28, 2003)

When spammers go soft

PDFCreator Makes the List (October 28, 2003)

Welcome to the club

Anyone Got a Grand I Can Borrow? (October 28, 2003)

i want it i want it i want it

MT-Blacklist 1.5 out (October 28, 2003)

Jay Allen strikes again

The Air Force’s Shameful Tanker Deal (October 27, 2003)

Iron triangles in action

The Big List O’ Quality Software (October 26, 2003)

Some general recommendations for things you should check out

More Good Buzz For Tapwave (October 24, 2003)

I gotta see one of these for myself

I Love the IntarWeb (October 24, 2003)

Weirdness abounds

“Before September 11, There Was October 23” (October 23, 2003)

In memory of the casualties of the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing

The Exciting Life of Engineers (October 23, 2003)

Sad but true

Dubya Takes A Slap — From Shrub Sr. (October 23, 2003)

You did WHAT to Iraq??? To your room, young man!

Great Timing, Dipstick (October 22, 2003)


RSSWeather (October 22, 2003)

Get the weather in your news aggregator

More Important Things Than Anti-Aliased Text (October 22, 2003)

Microsoft strikes again

It’s the Little Things (October 21, 2003)

Putting on the Red Hat

Dennis Miller for Senate? (October 21, 2003)

I don’t write the jokes, I just tell ’em

Buzz for the Tapwave Zodiac (October 21, 2003)

Ooh, new toys

Feedback on iTunes (October 19, 2003)

People take this ‘music’ stuff seriously. Who knew?

Congratulations To Joe & Anne! (October 17, 2003)

Two past the bar

First Impressions of iTunes for Windows (October 16, 2003)

… are mixed

How Not To Do PR (October 16, 2003)

SunnComm, idiots-at-large