Archive: August 2003

Busted? (August 29, 2003)

No, Bursted

An Enclave of New Age E-Movers (August 29, 2003)

Deja vu

Please Discontinue Your Bloviating Post-Haste (August 29, 2003)

No talking in the no-spin zone!

To Snark or Not To Snark (August 28, 2003)

That is the question

Where Adultery is a Capital Crime (August 28, 2003)

Sharia in Nigeria

What I Want (August 27, 2003)

Warning: bad poetry follows

Fair and Balanced: The Play (August 27, 2003)

A dramatic journey into the No-Spin Zone

Dean Surging in NH (August 27, 2003)

From outsider to 800-pound gorilla

Democracy In Action (August 27, 2003)

A milestone is reached

Why Everyone Should Have A Lawyer (August 26, 2003)

The alternative is too weird to consider

Inspiration (August 26, 2003)

Gonna be a loooong day

Get In The Crowd (August 25, 2003)

Turn, turn, turn…

Who Let the Geek Out? (August 25, 2003)

Jeff Bezos demolishes geek stereotype. Or not

Someone Still Uses POP? (August 25, 2003)

Retro mail protocol still has fans. Who knew?

OpenOffice for OS X Delayed (August 22, 2003)

Wait for it…

Fighting Words (August 21, 2003)

Words have consequences, even when we pretend they don’t

A Random Thought (August 21, 2003)

It’s my blog, I’ll pontificate if I want to

Two words (August 20, 2003)

Not again

One Word (August 20, 2003)

Don’t try this at home

The Minutes After (August 19, 2003)

CBS News streaming raw footage of Baghdad blast, and its aftermath

Looking for Web Hosting That Doesn’t Suck (August 18, 2003)

CSoft to customers: bend over and grease up

An Apologia for Push (August 15, 2003)


It’s All In “The Restaurant” (August 13, 2003)

Everything I need to know about management I learned at Rocco’s